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    Leave a print this summer

    July 15, 2018

    Hey guys, finally summer is here and sometimes we think that menswear should be all monotone, traditional and not risque; then we see that some designers (and thanks God for it) are out to do a better representation of what the trends propose and men should wear, such is the case of the print shirt, which of first take see like a wow factor for many but for others that want to make their look more sartorial and keeping on with whats going on every season. 

    For this reason, I am happy to introduce a brand that becomes a friend of mine after meeting them at the European Fashion Market in Miami.  Puro Arte by Euromoda. 

    It was a surprise for me to see them at the Expo, and more surprise to find out that they are from Spain when we expect to see this type of design from Milan on brands like Dolce and Gabbana, but Puro Arte by Euromoda bring us this season a variety of small print repeat on high-end poly-cotton button down shirts  that are, elegant, fun and tailored. Those shirts are the perfect companion for a summer look, you can wear them with a pair of dark jeans, with a blazer or paired with a Bermuda short, converse shoe, and you are ready to hit the street this summer season. 


    My favorite prints are the Tucans over white background, tropical and unexpected, as well as the pink flamingos and the antique camera’s print are along some of the most eye-catching prints. The shirt fitting is tailored for maximum comfort to move around and the shirt length is long enough to keep it inside your pants, (not more showing undies seating), my favorite construction feature is the double dark along the back giving you the silhouette curve that your lower back has without having the boxy effect that a regular shirt may have. I can wait to go on a date with my tucan shirt…


    As today the brand is getting introduced into the American market, but if you are interested to get this product at the end of this post I will leave you the contact information, just tell them that I send you. 

    About Puro Arte. 

    Puro Arte is a 100% made in Spain. A t-shirt brand with unique and innovative designs. Puro Arte captures new trends without forgetting the mem’s basics.

    We provide a quick manufacturing and distribution response with a proven quality. Our customer is bold, fun, and original. He understands his style as a reflection of his lifestyle. We make our shirt with a unique personality, reflecting our way to enjoy life. 

    For contact look for @jaiffss on Instagram.


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