Leave a print this summer

Hey guys, finally summer is here and sometimes we think that menswear should be all monotone, traditional and not risque; then we see that some designers (and thanks God for it) are out to do a better representation of what the trends propose and men should wear, such is the case of the print shirt, which of first take see like a wow factor for many but for others that want to make their look more sartorial and keeping on with whats going on every season. 

For this reason, I am happy to introduce a brand that becomes a friend of mine after meeting them at the European Fashion Market in Miami.  Puro Arte by Euromoda. 

It was a surprise for me to see them at the Expo, and more surprise to find out that they are from Spain when we expect to see this type of design from Milan on brands like Dolce and Gabbana, but Puro Arte by Euromoda bring us this season a variety of small print repeat on high-end poly-cotton button down shirts  that are, elegant, fun and tailored. Those shirts are the perfect companion for a summer look, you can wear them with a pair of dark jeans, with a blazer or paired with a Bermuda short, converse shoe, and you are ready to hit the street this summer season. 


My favorite prints are the Tucans over white background, tropical and unexpected, as well as the pink flamingos and the antique camera’s print are along some of the most eye-catching prints. The shirt fitting is tailored for maximum comfort to move around and the shirt length is long enough to keep it inside your pants, (not more showing undies seating), my favorite construction feature is the double dark along the back giving you the silhouette curve that your lower back has without having the boxy effect that a regular shirt may have. I can wait to go on a date with my tucan shirt…


As today the brand is getting introduced into the American market, but if you are interested to get this product at the end of this post I will leave you the contact information, just tell them that I send you. 

About Puro Arte. 

Puro Arte is a 100% made in Spain. A t-shirt brand with unique and innovative designs. Puro Arte captures new trends without forgetting the mem’s basics.

We provide a quick manufacturing and distribution response with a proven quality. Our customer is bold, fun, and original. He understands his style as a reflection of his lifestyle. We make our shirt with a unique personality, reflecting our way to enjoy life. 

For contact look for @jaiffss on Instagram.


Your coffee table personality.

It happens to all of us, that we purchase a piece of furniture at the store where looks perfectly staged and we pictured it in our home the same way… But when we get home it doesn’t look the same. Here is my idea to make your coffee table speak for itself, and give it a magazine ready look. I suggest portraiting your personality into your coffee table.
Give it a look with an easy décor that you can do it yourself. Follow these easy steps to give that new look to your coffee table.
Select a base that gives your some not too much contrast to your coffee table top.
Since I like to travel and fashion I decided to make my coffee table as a conversational piece. The book that I purchased to my visit to the Louvre is my base, the color gives me some contrast with the table top, it is a good side to build up later, with a classic design and beautiful cover. I off centered the book on the table with the spice facing out for people to see it.
Build up
When selecting the other books to build up, make sure that size and colors are complementary or show contrast to the first book. Keeping my main idea of traveling and fashion, I use the “Nostalgia in VOGUE” with a silver cover, keeping the classic with a modern cover. I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone here is you want to add an extra book, if not just choose a book cover that you want people to see.
I added a 3rd book that complements my collection a “CHANNEL black cover” book with a smooth surface with a look minimalist and modern but with a classic content.
 Utilitarian Item
We all have something that we use all the time in our coffee table, in my case are my tv remote controls (4 of them), since they are necessary we don’t like their aesthetics, I selected a wood lacquer box to storage my remote when I don’t use them. Placing the box close to the seating cushion by the rear back center of the table to create dimension  on my table design.
 A small bouquet of fresh flowers
Having fresh flowers on your coffee table gives you some sort of life, make sure that your flower base isn’t taking protagonist into the composition, and let the flower be the one shining. Arrange flowers around the base and make than short to not cover people seating view.
The Protagonist
Get your favorite item from your collection, trips o memories to be the protagonist of your coffee table conversation. Place the item or either on top of the book o in front of the composition.
The icing on top of a cake
Finish the coffee table décor with an item on top of the book that break the composition with some texture, or color, could be a small ceramic tray, a stack of marble coasters, or some aromatic candles or in this case a white coral makes so much sense since we are extending the theme of traveling for an overall look.
Shop the coffee table items.
You can email me to purchase these items or visit me at my design studio in Miami.  
Beam Metal Base Coffee table by Ethan Allen.  $1390 (item 258101 – 346) 
Clear dial desk clock $ 249.00 (item 414517)
Small Canton Box $179.00 (Item 435956B)
White Tulips Water Garden $599.00 (Item 446382A)
Amazon or Books an Books for your coffee tables books
Coral (local shop)


Über to be or not to be in the Phillippiness.

Über to be or not to be…

They don’t have über or lyft… I took a taxi, don’t expect a town car waiting for you outside the terminal, the ride to my hotel was not expensive at all, and the driver they all speak English very well. But the real experience was about to happens…



Althout, taking a public transportation can be a real deal, “the Jeepney” One of the attractions and experience is to take these military vehicles used by American on World War, for a couple of cents, will take you to an island or city destination, they payment is pass through all the passengers until reaching the driver., you can not miss this jeeps colorful cars, with funny names and signages and tipically full of people seating in the two sofas side to side (around 7/10 peoples), don’t expect air conditioning, you will get ventilation by the two large open windows and if it rains the windows have cover ups..Tips: pay with small coins or bills. to pay just say “Bayad po”probably you will be seating far away from the driver and you can say “Paki-abot po” please pass my fare. and to get off you need first to request a stop either knocking the jeepney ceiling or pulling the cords attached to buzzers to alert the driver that you will be getting off.  


Happy ride!

How to get the Mens Fashion Week 2018 look

You make look at the people attending fashion week around the world from Paris to New York, you may notice at your first scan, and looking a little closer, you will find that the models and the first row don’t dress up far away from us, that’s why I bring you how to dress up like an influencer fashion show attendant without breaking your piggy bank, or asking for free clothing. 

This season menswear fashion week propose some trends that you may already have in your closet. 


A palette of neutrals sound like we are talking about your grandparents closet, a creamy ice cream can be taken as inspiration for a fashion trend. From head to toes neutrals work wells only when the various tones plays the same song. The easiest way to put this trend together is selecting only two tones: a light sweater or a t-shirt to break up the two pieces, with a darker contrast pant. 

Colour Coat

The weather is constantly changing so your wardrobe should do the same.

Usually, during the winter season, we all wear dark colors, but when spring is here and still is a little chilly, bring those color coat out. The rules are simple, stick to the classic design a worker jacket, a bomber jacket, an overcoat, or a cardigan. keep those color also classic, use orange, burgundy, forest green, light blues or a colorful camouflage. 

Check Mate 

A brave move, that can put you on a spotlight if you fully coordinate your look with a shirt, scarves, coats, trousers, etc. be conscious that this pattern can create volume in your body. if you are more conservative you can keep this trends into your navy color wardrobe, break it with a white tee and shoes without socks. tips: sure that every piece is the same pattern. 

The military is always trendy

Since my G.I. Joe, I have seen military trend inspiration all the time, you can use this trend without being cliche using a bomber jacket with cargo pants and boots. reset your wardrobe and brain. it is time to take your military fantasy to your next level. 

Looks that I like






Street art the new city aesthetics


What began as a revel underground movement in the past decade got established as an independent art form around the globe. in the 80’s the New York City Subway and the streets of Bronx, Hells Kitchen and other neighbors were painted with graffiti as an expression of revelation similar to the punk movement.Street are you just have to bother to look closely and snap a pic using it as background for your favorite instant post.


When I travel to the “Artistic areas” of different cities, I found myself surrounded by street art. Walking down to the East Village in New York or Wynwood in Miami, almost every corner has a mural that makes you stop. I made my way to capture some of the most beautiful art and using only my cell phone.  Enjoy!

Street Art thrives on expressive, provocative and most colorful pictures. Such a story and I’m only the messenger between the artist to the wall to my lens to this blog to get to you, because behind every form of self-expression of art is a story a human a viewer that interpret the art for themselves.



Ames a quien Ames, Madrid te Ama.


Que bonito llegar a una ciudad y sentirte bienvenido, no importa tu ideologia de la vida, preferencias, solo una ciudad como Madrid te puede hacer sentir como en casa…es asi como me senti cuando  en mi último viaje.

Y como dice la cancion que Madrid le dedica a Paris.

“Te escribo porque hay algo que quiero pedirte. Necesito tu ayuda. Desde siempre has sido el lugar de los enamorados, de los suspiros, de los “si, quiero”. Y, por eso, te has convertido para todos en la ciudad del amor. Y eso, mi querida París, es lo que quiero pedirte. Me gustaría que me cedieras tu título. Eso es: “Madrid, la ciudad del amor.” Te imaginas? nuestras calles se van a llenar de invitado de todo el mundo, y creéme, será para nosotros un auténtico orgullo. Será un orgullo ser su casa, su familia, amigos, compañeros, vecinos. Se nos van a llenar las calles de risas, de guiños, de aplauzos, de abrazos. Se nos van a llenar de amor las casas, los bares, las plazas, los ojos, los corazones. Esperamos tanto amor por metro cuadrado como nunca antes habíamos tenido.  Y no te imaginas lo feliz que nos hace porque si de algo tiene que llenarse una ciudad es de amor. Y ese amor no entiende de nombres, ni de posición social, ni de convencionalismos. Es un amor diverso, libre. Es un amor orgulloso, como nosotros, como Madrid.”

Entre fiestas, y amigos, aun hay tiempo para descubrir Madrid. 

El epicentro de la ciudad se encuentra en la Puerta del Sol y la Gran Vía, aquí sin lugar a duda es el eje sobre el que gira la vida turística madrileña. Estoy es un punto obligado para cualquier visitante que quiera sentir los latinos de Madrid.


Para la estadia a nivel turista de lujo les recomiendo sin quedarse sin un duro (como dicen en España) en su bolsillo, los hoteles.


Roommate Oscar. Si lo tuyo es estar en el centro de la acción, este es tu mejor opción. Moderno, con precios moderados y en plena plaza de Pedro Zerolo.




Only You. Alojarse en el Only YOU de la calle Barquillo no es solo dormir en un hotel. Es estar en el epicentro de la vida social madrileña, en pleno barrio de Chueca y con los servicios propios de un hotel boutique.


Hotel Indigo Madrid. Y mi favorito, por su relación calidad-valor es de lo mejor. Habitaciones a un precio reducido comparado con los otros hoteles, pero con todo lo que necesitas. El rooftop con una piscina infinita es de ensueño y el staff que trabaja en el hotel que te guiará al mejor estilo madrileño.


Santorini I will always love you.


Hi there, I’m so excited to be back into posting after a long hiatus. during that time I was going throughout my archives and I found my trip to Greece Folder.

As I flew over the Atlantic ocean straight from New York before landing in Athens, I was happy to finally to be in the land of “The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants” and of course “Mama Mia”.   I love to travel but there’s nothing like discovering a new place by yourself and have me time while exploring a site. Those for those who follow me on my Instagram or the lucky one who got the opportunity to check my travel book,  you will see more images of this incredible trip to the Greek island of Mykonos and Santorini.

This post won’t have enough space to portray my adventures in the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea, or how beautiful the water is along the coast from Fira to Aia while riding a Vespa.  As you can see from the above snap, I was pretty excited to be seeing this island in the flesh after years planning, finally, I took my new camera (pre-smartphone cameras) along and snap what I saw.  As a result, I have a silly amount of pictures to sift through, some with good quality and some not since I was trying to save memory space (big mistake) edit and compile into my travel book. In the meantime, I will give you tips on my trip.

Before my trip started I got my student/young traveler ISI card, that great way for those like me travels within a budget. I booked my plane ticket in advance and I traveled on a Thursday and returned on a Tuesday to get a better rate. and I choose the option to travel from Newark instead of JFK. I made a stopover Athens and then took Aegean Airways to Fira (Santorini) and from Santorini I took the express ferry to Mykonos that was only 3 hours.  My hotel where off the Caldera view, that was actually super affordable instead of those postcard hotels with a Volcano/Caldera view. I confess those views are breathtaking but also budget breakers. I walked the hill then you have the magnificent energy and view of the entire island. This that you must visit, Fira, Oia, and the back beach (naturally made of lava/volcano sand). Rent a Vespa or a Jeep and get lost exploring the island, the Cyclades people are friendly and they all speak English.

Hope you are all well – I promise that I will post more often on my blog and social media! Hugs to you all.


Living Local Cubal Style!


Located in the west of Brickell, Little Havana is a cultural symbol of Miami. The neighborhood attracts both tourists and locals for its vibrant atmosphere, food and joy that characterizes the Cuban.

The 8th street is the center of the activities, here I understood why Khloe Kardashian became “addicted” to the cortadito in her television show. For .75 cents of a dollar the energy goes up better than a Redbull and you stay electric for a couple of hours. This is the Starbucks competition. (6 slices make a coffee beats in price at any Starbucks).


Visiting the Domino Park, it struck me to see both women and men playing dominoes or chess with as much passion as it was an Olympic. With everything and double six locking the game.

The tourists are seen inside the tobacco factories, I do not even know how to light a cigarette, much less a cigar, handmade … I’d better stay with my cortadito.

Since I like art and Little Havana, it has galleries where different Latin artists present themselves, and its walls are painted with murals and graffiti that are impossible not to see. One of my favorite stores was “The Island”, where the artist uses different printing techniques in gift items.

If you have never been to Cuba, and you want to experience a community of happy people, you have to visit Little Havana.