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    How to get the Mens Fashion Week 2018 look

    May 16, 2018

    You make look at the people attending fashion week around the world from Paris to New York, you may notice at your first scan, and looking a little closer, you will find that the models and the first row don’t dress up far away from us, that’s why I bring you how to dress up like an influencer fashion show attendant without breaking your piggy bank, or asking for free clothing. 

    This season menswear fashion week propose some trends that you may already have in your closet. 


    A palette of neutrals sound like we are talking about your grandparents closet, a creamy ice cream can be taken as inspiration for a fashion trend. From head to toes neutrals work wells only when the various tones plays the same song. The easiest way to put this trend together is selecting only two tones: a light sweater or a t-shirt to break up the two pieces, with a darker contrast pant. 

    Colour Coat

    The weather is constantly changing so your wardrobe should do the same.

    Usually, during the winter season, we all wear dark colors, but when spring is here and still is a little chilly, bring those color coat out. The rules are simple, stick to the classic design a worker jacket, a bomber jacket, an overcoat, or a cardigan. keep those color also classic, use orange, burgundy, forest green, light blues or a colorful camouflage. 

    Check Mate 

    A brave move, that can put you on a spotlight if you fully coordinate your look with a shirt, scarves, coats, trousers, etc. be conscious that this pattern can create volume in your body. if you are more conservative you can keep this trends into your navy color wardrobe, break it with a white tee and shoes without socks. tips: sure that every piece is the same pattern. 

    The military is always trendy

    Since my G.I. Joe, I have seen military trend inspiration all the time, you can use this trend without being cliche using a bomber jacket with cargo pants and boots. reset your wardrobe and brain. it is time to take your military fantasy to your next level. 

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