Your coffee table personality.

    June 5, 2018
    It happens to all of us, that we purchase a piece of furniture at the store where looks perfectly staged and we pictured it in our home the same way… But when we get home it doesn’t look the same. Here is my idea to make your coffee table speak for itself, and give it a magazine ready look. I suggest portraiting your personality into your coffee table.
    Give it a look with an easy décor that you can do it yourself. Follow these easy steps to give that new look to your coffee table.
    Select a base that gives your some not too much contrast to your coffee table top.
    Since I like to travel and fashion I decided to make my coffee table as a conversational piece. The book that I purchased to my visit to the Louvre is my base, the color gives me some contrast with the table top, it is a good side to build up later, with a classic design and beautiful cover. I off centered the book on the table with the spice facing out for people to see it.
    Build up
    When selecting the other books to build up, make sure that size and colors are complementary or show contrast to the first book. Keeping my main idea of traveling and fashion, I use the “Nostalgia in VOGUE” with a silver cover, keeping the classic with a modern cover. I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone here is you want to add an extra book, if not just choose a book cover that you want people to see.
    I added a 3rd book that complements my collection a “CHANNEL black cover” book with a smooth surface with a look minimalist and modern but with a classic content.
     Utilitarian Item
    We all have something that we use all the time in our coffee table, in my case are my tv remote controls (4 of them), since they are necessary we don’t like their aesthetics, I selected a wood lacquer box to storage my remote when I don’t use them. Placing the box close to the seating cushion by the rear back center of the table to create dimension  on my table design.
     A small bouquet of fresh flowers
    Having fresh flowers on your coffee table gives you some sort of life, make sure that your flower base isn’t taking protagonist into the composition, and let the flower be the one shining. Arrange flowers around the base and make than short to not cover people seating view.
    The Protagonist
    Get your favorite item from your collection, trips o memories to be the protagonist of your coffee table conversation. Place the item or either on top of the book o in front of the composition.
    The icing on top of a cake
    Finish the coffee table décor with an item on top of the book that break the composition with some texture, or color, could be a small ceramic tray, a stack of marble coasters, or some aromatic candles or in this case a white coral makes so much sense since we are extending the theme of traveling for an overall look.
    Shop the coffee table items.
    You can email me to purchase these items or visit me at my design studio in Miami.  
    Beam Metal Base Coffee table by Ethan Allen.  $1390 (item 258101 – 346) 
    Clear dial desk clock $ 249.00 (item 414517)
    Small Canton Box $179.00 (Item 435956B)
    White Tulips Water Garden $599.00 (Item 446382A)
    Amazon or Books an Books for your coffee tables books
    Coral (local shop)


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